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A Collaborative Book Opportunity

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_color=”%23000000″]I was recently reminded how important it is for us as women speakers to share our stories and bring our message to the forefront on the stage and the page.

Recently I was doing research about the role of women during the early 1900s, and found very little. I struggled to find anything of substance about who the women were, how they thought, how they felt. I felt sad. I know there were incredible stories and triumphs and legacies and yet very little was captured in books and resources.

As President of Women Speakers Association, I am blessed with being able to personally speak to so many people every month. Women just like you with heartfelt stories … some born of tragedy, some born of dreams … all sharing a common thread of transformation with the power to help others when their message is shared.

That is why Women Speakers Association exists. We are driven by the belief that every woman has a message and it is our mission to help you reach more people with yours.

And that is why I invite you to consider sharing your message so that future generations will have your story and understand our collective drive, our passion, and learn from our experience.

To express your interest and learn more about what’s involved and how the process works, please click below to learn more. 

Please know that you’ve been gifted with a message to influence, inspire others, and to make a difference.  Now, more than ever, this world needs to hear your voice.[/text_block]

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