“Times have changed, but the need to help make an impact in the world
hasn’t, so thank you to all the women who wrote their stories and shared
their experiences so more of us can help others, too.
It truly feels like a ripple effect.” – Terra Booe

In this book, you’ll discover the messages of forty women who have channeled their passion into a mission to make a difference. By joining forces with the other women of Women Speakers Association on the pages of Voices of the 21st Century, these messengers will grow wings that expand their reach beyond their wildest dreams.

The world you are meant to serve is waiting for you.

Forty Extraordinary Women Come Together to Celebrate a New Era

Gail Watson
Petisa Anglin
Dr. Lisa M. Bennett
Carolyn H. P. Byrd
Yasmin S. Brown
Jeannine Rivers Colburn
Michelle Davidson
Teena K. Evert
Rochelle Finzel
Dr. Juanita Foster
Sunny Fridge, Ph.D.
Gudy Grewal MA; MSW
Cherie Griffith-Dunn
Charmaine Hammond
Nadine Hanchar
Zaneta (Zan) Varnado Johns
Steff Kawasaki
Mary E. Knippel
Paula M. Kramer
Lorraine Lane
Catherine M. Laub, ACM
Chiara Marrapodi (CCHt, MA)
Toni Martin
Anne McAwley-LeDuc, RN, APRN
Sherry Morgan
Winnie Mwikali
Susan Owensby
Jane Parmel
Michela Quilici
Vivien Rayam
Samantha A. Roman
DeLisa Dee Rose
Anita D. Russell
Janet J. Sawyer, EdD
Linda Payton Thompson
Cate Tuitt
Cheryl Verrett
Karen J. Watson
Natasha E. Williams
Dr. Paulette Williams
Kamini Wood