Voices of the 21st Century - Women Transforming the World Launch Date

Meet our 2023 Authors

Women Transforming the World contains stories that that were first
shared in quiet conversations. We’ve brought them together in this volume
because all of our voices (including yours!) need to be raised higher and
wider to reach as many as possible. I hope you see yourself in some of the
journeys and know that you are not alone.

Forty-Five Extraordinary Women Come Together to Celebrate a New Era

Gail Watson
Judy E. Adams
Deb Alcadinho
Stefanie Barilla
Shelly L. Bell, M.A.
Barbara A. Boldt
Inez Bracy
Lisa S. Condon
Anne-Marie Dekker
Donna Duffy
Sarah Eddie
Tracey Ehman
Cynthia Giuffria
Charmaine Hammond
Debbie Helena
Cindy J. Holbrook
Susan Isaac, MEd
Rashanna Jackson
Zaneta Varnado Johns
Beth J. Keil
Paula M. Kramer
Jessica Sojorne Libere
Reena D. Lichtenfeld, EdD
LaTanya Michelle
Angelica G. Miller
Megan Miller
Angeline Gatchalian Mathews Moore
Joanne Mulhall
Narges Nirumvala
Sharon Karise Plaché
Candace Plattor, M.A.
Patricia Porter
Michela Quilici
Melissa Rowe
Laura Rubinstein
Emmeline Saavedra
Anita D. Russell
Gail Rosenthal
Norva Samuel, PCP
Brigitte Stills
Andrea Tompkins
Ngoc T. Tran
Catherine Tuitt MBE
Hema Vyas
Natasha E. Williams
Tanya Williamson, M.B.A.