Meet our Voices of the 21st Century – Women Transforming the World Authors

Gail WatsonGail Watson is president and founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), the go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents, and women with a message to connect, collaborate, and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked, and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries.

Judy E AdamsJudy E. Adams is a personal growth coach and healthy workplace advocate, focusing on conscious leadership development and big-picture strategy. Using her experience and intuitive skills, she supports visionary leaders to discover their true potential. To support her own journey of discovery, Judy is now a certified Happy for No Reason trainer.

Deb AlcadinhoDeb Alcadinho is a changemaker, social impact strategist and trainer, mentor, community builder, wife, and mom to three amazing adults. She works with female business owners to become purpose-driven, embedding social purpose at the heart of their business to bring about social or environmental change.

Stefanie BarillaStefanie Barilla has spent a lifetime being curious. A lifelong writer, Stefanie used the pandemic to put the brakes on her own life, slow down, and take a look at what it means to love yourself. She is a Certified Canfield Trainer in personal development, a RYT200 yoga instructor and holds an honors degree in communications.

Shelly L. BellShelly L. Bell, MA, is an encourager with a contagious smile who commands attention with her presence and voice. The principal and founder of Shelly Speaks, LLC, she is a published author, emcee, award-winning international speaker, deputy mayor, and ordained minister. Shelly is a gifted communicator, inspiring others to fulfill their potential.

Barbara BoldtBarbara A. Boldt is an international educator and coach. She teaches non-native English-speaking executives and managers in global companies to deliver clear, impactful, persuasive messages. Barbara lived and worked in Europe for twenty-plus years and has worked with professionals from more than thirty-five countries. She has walked in her clients’ shoes!

Inez BracyInez Bracy is a weight-loss coach with more than twenty years of experience partnering with seniors and business owners to create a lifestyle of healthy living mentally, physically, and spiritually. Working with clients from all walks of life, Inez specializes in supporting those who feel like they’ve tried everything and failed.

Lisa CondonLisa Condon is a lover of life, adventurer of spirit, and cultivator of collaboration. She thrives on helping businesses find their heart and people discover their passion. Professionally trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Scrum Master, Lisa integrates tried-and-true processes into all the work she does. Diving into life headfirst, you can find Lisa with her husband, Nate, traveling the world or sitting by a fire watching the stars.

Anne-Marie DekkerAnne-Marie Dekker is a story catcher and narrative coach. A deep listener and connector, she is insatiably curious about people and the world and assists her clients to explore endless possibilities and build new frontiers. She has created and operated companies in the entertainment, broadcasting, and magazine industries.

Donna DuffyDonna Duffy is a TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and award-winning marketing strategist. She is the CEO/Founder of 3E Marketing Solutions, and the creator of Sage Success Studio, an online community dedicated to empowering midlife women entrepreneurs. She is also the Global Business Connector for the state of Delaware with the Women Speakers Association.

Sarah EddieSarah Eddie is an autism mother, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and business mentor. Twice nominated for the Women’s Business Awards and a featured guest in female business magazines and podcasts, she specializes in enabling business owners to improve business performance so they can lead more fulfilling lives without sacrificing their well-being or profits.

Tracey EhmanTracey Ehman is a bestselling author of The Silver Lining of Cancer , the podcast host of Silver Lining Conversations , and a social media strategist who tripled her business while battling cancer. She is honored to bring together others who have embraced the silver lining in their lives and want to make an impact.

Cynthia GiuffriaCynthia Giuffria is a financial wellness coach, speaker, and author. She is passionate about taking the stress out of finances by teaching financial education. Creating personalized financial strategies for every phase of her clients’ lives lets their money work for them, putting fun in finance and keeping balance in their lives.

Charmaine HammondCharmaine Hammond, CSP, resilience and collaboration expert, is a highly sought-after speaker who teaches the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and collaboration in the workplace. She has helped clients build resilient teams and solve the issues that impact success and is the executive producer of the award-winning animated movie Back Home Again.

Debbie Helena is an alternative health practitioner—a healer of the heart. She teaches her clients how to listen to their body and love and trust their true self. She guides her clients to heal from within, release emotional trauma, and reclaim their personal power.

Cindy J. HolbrookCindy J. Holbrook , The Visibility Wiz, guides entrepreneurs to be seen as trusted experts with strategies that enable them to authentically build fun and profitable businesses. She is the bestselling author of Overcoming Dark Family Secrets , her story of overcoming a traumatic past to become a successful businesswoman.

Susan Isaac, MEdSusan Isaac is a designer dedicated to uplifting women and telling their unique story through the lens of fused glass. Using extensive training, she crafts one-of-a-kind pendants reflecting cherished life experiences and extraordinary fashion accessories using images of her glass art. Susan welcomes custom work to further self-expression. Transformation and fun absolutely guaranteed.

Rashanna JacksonRashanna Jackson is a former HR executive turned confidence coach, author, and speaker who proudly shares her message on the power of living in your authenticity. Rashanna currently works with women who struggle with saying no and feel like they are drowning in life’s responsibilities. She helps them build the confidence to say no to others so they can say yes to themselves.

Zaneta Varnado JohnsZaneta Varnado Johns is a three-time bestselling author of Poetic Forecast , After the Rainbow , and Voices of the 21st Century (2021 and 2022). She’s also the coeditor of the Social Justice Inks anthology and an editor of the Fine Lines Literary Journal . Her creative expressions appear in numerous international publications.

Beth J. KeilBeth J. Keil, RN, is a board-certified hypnotherapist. People work with her for a variety of issues, and through life breakthroughs, transform their lives. Beth also speaks and writes on relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. She holds bachelor of science degrees from Penn State University and the University of Delaware.

Paula M. KramerPaula M. Kramer is an international bestselling author, professional speaker, and TV producer. Relationship Reckoning on Boss Ladies TV helps you understand every relationship in your life. Paula’s short and sweet online courses teach simple and effective soft skill power strategies to bring toxic gossip down and career advancement up.

Jessica Sojorne LibereJessica Sojorne Libere gives clients the practical tools to discover and lovingly transform long-standing unconscious patterns. Classically trained in psychology, biology, and Eastern philosophy, she works at the intersection of mental and spiritual health. She supports clients in breaking out, breaking through, and creating something better for themselves and for society.

Reena Diane LichtenfeldDr. Reena Lichtenfeld has been a leader in higher education for more than twenty years. Her personal mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their educational goals. Reflections of her life and the personal lessons learned through strife and resilience have led her to this publication.

LaTanya MichelleLaTanya Logan, MSOL, is an author, motivational speaker, and expert storyteller who candidly shares her life with others to encourage them to find their missing exclamation mark. A survivor of gun violence and breast cancer and a mental health advocate, LaTanya is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

Angelica G. MillerAngelica G. Miller is the founder and CEO of AGM Social Media Management Boutique and the creator of Creating You Creating Her Bosses in Business. Her mission is to amplify the voices of women in the online and service-based industries by telling their brand’s story in their authentic voices to capture the attention and hearts of the audiences they serve.

Megan MillerMegan Miller is a professional speaker, host of Putting Attention to Intention podcast, and self-proclaimed Intentional Living Expert. Megan is dedicated to offering high-performing, go-getting professional women simple, daily micro-steps for putting attention to intention so they can stop sleepwalking through life and start living with inspiration and fulfillment.

Angeline Gatchalian Mathews MooreWife-queen of one, warrior mom of three son-shines, Angeline Moore is a multidimensional entrepreneur. She’s a transformational coach, Laughter Yoga leader, real estate investor, virtual summit and technology guru, cleanliving-product champion, and leader at a Fortune 500 company. Her mission is to “Activate, Align, and Amplify Your SPARKLE.”

Joanne MulhallJoanne Mulhall has been a holistic health practitioner since 1997. She is passionate about teaching others to take charge of their health, minimize disease and illness, and maintain a high quality of life as they age. She offers one-on-one consultations and conducts workshops that empower others to live their best lives.

Narges NirumvalaWidely considered Canada’s leading executive speech coach, Narges Nirumvala is the founder and CEO of ExecutiveSpeak Coaching International. She is a world-renowned leadership communication expert, international speaker, professional emcee, media expert, bestselling author of the public speaking book Capture the Spotlight , and official TEDx speaker coach.

Sharon Karise PlachéSharon Karise Plaché is a bestselling author, facilitator, coach, and speaker. She has been maintaining a holistic private practice since 1989, offering numerous healing modalities. She is a practitioner and board member for Healing Wave Aquatics, offering services to veterans recovering from trauma and PTSD. Sharon is completing her MS in integrative wellness.

Candace Plattor, M.A.Candace Plattor, MA, is an addictions therapist in private practice practice, specializing in working with families of those who are struggling with addiction. With more than 35 years clean and sober, Candace teaches families that enabled addicts do not recover and need to be loved with boundaries instead.

Patricia PorterDr. Patricia Porter taught in the UK for thirty years before emigrating to Vancouver thirty years ago, where she worked with students who needed extra learning support. She obtained her doctorate from UBC and now uses her skills to provide support to parents who are concerned about their child’s education.

Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is a business navigator, international business growth coach, and award-winning marketing strategist, speaker, bestselling author, global leader at Women Speakers Association, and a member of Forbes Coaches Council. She works with leaders and business owners to help them get noticed, get clients, and get profitable.

Gail RosenthalGail Rosenthal is a hypnotherapist, licensed master practitioner of NLP™ (Neuro Linguistic Programming), trainer and coach, mentor, and speaker. She is dedicated to helping make her clients’ careers, relationships, and lives richer and deeper. She coaches and mentors globally, and her courses and trainings are jam-packed with information and fun, motivating and inspiring participants with clarity and joy.

Melissa RoweMelissa Rowe is a two-time bestselling author, international facilitator, diversity, and equity specialist. She delivers highly engaging coaching and training services to a diverse clientele. Her greatest passion is working with business and professional women to explore their greatness and reclaim their personal power. She is a life and anger solutions coach.

Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein is an award-winning marketing strategist, hypnotherapist, bestselling author of Social Media Myths Busted , and creator of Feminine Power Cards. She has worked with more than 1,500 women entrepreneurs to magnetize clients, build positive reputations, and transform their relationships. Laura serves on the Leadership Team for Women Speakers Association and hosts the WSA-TV Premier Women Show.

Anita D RussellAnita D. Russell is a personal transformation expert, international bestselling author, professional speaker, and InflexionPoint Podcast host. She is the Founder/CEO of The Place to SOAR, a social enterprise dedicated to cultivating change to unleash the human potential for good in the world. Anita is a Global Business Connector for Women Speakers Association.

Emmeline SaavedraEmmeline Saavedra is the co-founder of The Champions Institute, co-owner of E&S Orthodontics, and principal partner in Emmie is committed to empowering others to achieve phenomenal success, both in life and in business, and she’s a prime example of what it means to live a fulfilling and joyful life.

Norva SamuelNorva Samuel, PCP, is the founder of Life Catalyst Business Solutions Inc. She is a next-step catalyst, helping busy professionals take the next step in their personal and career development. A Maxwell Leadership Certified Team member and certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Norva takes a holistic approach to growth by addressing the spirit, mind, and body connection through coaching and training.

Brigitte StillsBrigitte Stills, LREA, JP, owns an independent boutique real estate agency, Stills Properties. She has more than forty years of experience and is an established leader in her field. She is an amazing communicator and mentor to property management teams, with significant and repeated successes and several high-achievement awards during her career.

Andrea TompkinsAndrea Tompkins is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, transformational coach, intuitive channel, and ordained minister of the Church of Wisdom. She sends her soft, warm, feminine energy and her strong, directive male energy out into the Universe to attract all the people and opportunities that can best allow her to express her love and wisdom.

Ngoc T. TranNgoc T. Tran is a certified public accountant, debt and wealth coach, global business connector, impact speaker, international bestselling author, and host of The Paradigm Shifters Show on Boss Ladies TV Network. As CEO and founder of JJ Capital Partners, Ltd., Ngoc helps people understand the value of time and money, shares strategies on creating multiple streams of residual income, and provides solutions for shifting people’s financial paradigms.

Catherine Tuitt MBECatherine Tuitt, MBE, is a legal adviser, consultant, and motivational speaker. She has worked for more than twenty-five years in legal and justice organizations and has served as an elected council woman in London. She also artistically designs unique clothing. Catherine assists her clients to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

Hema VyasHema Vyas, Bsc (Hons), MBSCH, MNRH, is a multi-award-winning corporate wellness mentor and trailblazer in heart intelligence. Her refined intuitive skills and innate ability to read heart energy have earned her the title of modern-day seer. As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™, she speaks to diverse global audiences, inspiring optimal creativity, critical thinking, and cohesion.

Natasha E. WilliamsNatasha E. Williams is an international bestselling author and speaker who has traveled to more than sixty countries. She is a screenwriter who has sold projects to Hollywood, a certified coach, a development team member for two Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and founder of the Boss Ladies TV Network.

Tanya Williamson, M.B.A.Tanya Williamson, MBA, is the founder and managing director of Tanya Associated Business Services (TABS), a business development and planning firm located in North America. Tanya and her team of qualified experts help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses by guiding the business planning, operations management, and construction management process.