Voices IV Author Bios

Gail WatsonGail Watson

Gail Watson is president and founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), the go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents, and women with a message to connect, collaborate, and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked, and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries.

Petisa AnglinPetisa Anglin

Petisa Anglin is an author and writer who enjoys encouraging women. As a Christian and a cancer survivor, she understands the preciousness of life. Volunteering is an important part of her life. She presently lives in South Jersey, where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, Penelope and Peyton.

Dr. Lisa M. Bennett

Dr. Lisa M. Bennett is a graduate of the State University of New York College of Optometry. She is a primary care provider, treating eye disease and performing vision correction. She is a contributing writer for various publications and is currently writing a book about eyes for children.

Yasmin BrownYasmin S. Brown

Yasmin S. Brown is an author, empowerment coach, and founder of Yiry-Elements. She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated woman with a paralegal degree in addition to her college diploma in Medical Office Administration. Yasmin’s organization helps women with self-expression and personal growth, with a strong focus on mental health.

Carolyn Byrd

Carolyn Byrd is a habit and health coach, massage therapist for both humans and horses, registered yoga teacher, and personal trainer. She has collaborated with many of the top coaches, trainers, therapists, physicians, chiropractors, and mental health-care practitioners. She works with clients of all ages, abilities, and states of health.

Jeannine Rivers ColburnJeannine Rivers Colburn

Jeannine Rivers Colburn is the founder and CEO of Illuminate Your Dreams, LLC, a platform where women are educated, empowered, and emerge as confident leaders. Jeannine is the visionary behind Illuminated Women, a group that cultivates women’s confidence, empowers them to achieve good mental health, and illuminates the way forward.

Michelle DavidsonMichelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson is a life strategist, personal coach, entrepreneur, and author. She has been a veteran in the residential mortgage industry for over nineteen years. She is the proud wife
of Cliff Davidson and mother to Ndiaye and miracle children Jeremiah, Destiny Grace, and Danielle Joy.

Teena EvertTeena Evert

Teena Evert hosts The Confident Careerist podcast and is the CEO and founder of CLAIM THE LEAD. She is a board-certified career coach, certified career transition and hidden job market coach, certified global career development facilitator, certified traumainformed career counselor, professional resume writer, and licensed mental health professional.

Rochelle FinzelRochelle Finzel

Rochelle Finzel is a leadership coach, writer, speaker, and outdoor adventurer. She has degrees in leadership and social welfare, having spent twenty years leading public policy and nonprofit efforts to advance economic opportunity. She has a gift for seeing people’s strengths and helps high-achieving women thrive in work and life.

Juanita FosterDr. Juanita Foster

Dr. Juanita Foster is a life coach, international leadership and team development speaker, trainer, and consultant. She is the lead consultant and CEO of Educate Motivate Elevate Consulting, LLC, located in Delaware. For more than twenty years, she has been conducting leadership workshops and seminars for corporations and individuals.

Sunny FridgeSunny Fridge, PhD

Sunny Fridge, PhD, is an award-winning professional educator and communications consultant. She is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell team. She is host of Rise & Shine with Dr. Sunny, an online show and podcast that empowers emerging speakers, entrepreneurs, and rising leaders to become better communicators.

Gudy GrewalGudy Grewal

Gudy Grewal, MA, MSW, is a clinical social worker and an intercultural-competence consultant. Born in Tanzania and having lived in five countries over four continents, Ms. Grewal is proud to be an American citizen. She provides coaching, offers trainings in intercultural competence, and is an exceptional speaker.

Cherie Griffith-DunnCherie Griffith-Dunn

Cherie Griffith-Dunn is a transformation catalyst, leadership and executive trainer, and highly sought-after motivational speaker. She offers programs for rising executives and entrepreneurs to step into their power and grow their careers and businesses. Cherie has helped over one thousand rising leaders go from good to great using her seven E.L.E.V.A.T.E Your Life Principles.

Charmaine HammondCharmaine Hammond

Resilience expert Charmaine Hammond isa highly sought-after keynote and workshopspeaker, author, and business owner whoteaches the importance of developing trust,healthy relationships, and collaboration in theworkplace. She has helped corporate clients build resilient, engaged teams, develop hightrust/accountability relationships, and solve thetough issues that impact success.

Nadine HancharNadine Hanchar

Nadine Hanchar is the developer of the PEP Personality Process and an NLP master trainer, speaker, facilitator, counsellor, consultant, and bestselling author. Specializing in relationships, trauma, communication, and professional development, her results-oriented approach allows individuals, couples, families, or organizations to go forward with a better quality of life.

Zan JohnsZaneta (Zan) Varnado Johns

Zaneta Varnado Johns is a retired human resources leader and bestselling author. Her twenty-nine-year career was spent at the
University of Colorado. A devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, Zan’s goal is to touch the world line by line through written creative expression. Her book of insightful poems, Poetic Forecast, was released in 2020.

Steff KawasakiSteff Kawasaki

Steff Kawasaki brings creative energy and fresh ideas to facilitate a culture of engagement in homes, communities, and workplaces. She is a Fascinate Certified Advisor™, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Hope Inspired Coaching founder. As an onscreen actor, she finds joy through character development and sharing stories that inspire hope in humanity.

Mary E. KnippelMary E. Knippel

Mary E. Knippel is a catalyst for those who are blocked in writing and want to find the freedom to know they have the ability to write, to have compassion for their struggle, and to give themselves permission to recognize that now is the time to let their creativity shine.

Paula KramerPaula M. Kramer

Paula M. Kramer has researched stereotypes since 1988. Using her degrees in Women’s Studies and Communication, she conducts online workshops for ending stereotypes in negative workplace gossip and for chipping away stereotypes that build glass ceilings for anyone. All of Paula’s recommended strategies use positive words and actions.

Lorraine Lane

Lorraine Lane inspires her business clients to step into their leadership roles. In her work as a corporate trainer, her clients develop their strengths, skills, and insights. Lorraine is a speaker, consultant, and author and serves as the global business connector for Women Speakers Association in Tampa, Florida.

Catherine LaubCatherine M. Laub

Recently widowed, Catherine M. Laub hosts her self-produced podcast The Celestial Spoon, is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker, psychic/medium, spiritual guide, and advocate for mental illness. She guides people to understand they can live with illness and still have a happy life.

Anne McAwley-LeDucAnne McAwley-LeDuc

Anne McAwley-LeDuc, RN, APRN, believes: “Dream it, go for it . . . no matter what your age!” A retired nurse practitioner, she now writes and speaks on health-related topics. Media appearances include TV, radio, and podcasts. Her first book, Personal Health Organizer, won an international award in the caregiving category.

Chiara MarrapodiChiara Marrapodi

Chiara Marrapodi is a clinical hypnotherapist and life transitions advisor. She is the founder of the Society for Animal Consciousness and also specializes in animal connectivity and trauma. A 2015/2016 Bernard Grad
Emerging Scientist, Chiara is well known for her transformational education programs.

Toni MartinToni Martin

With a compassion learned from her parents who welcomed foster children into their home for thirty years, Toni Martin has a natural desire to truly understand people. Her work and personal life are centered around the building of relationships, and she finds joy in her faith, family, and laughter.

Sherry MorganSherry Morgan

Sherry Morgan’s insights draw on elders in the Huichol, Náhuatl, and Ojibwa indigenous traditions she has apprenticed with, as well as on direct guidance and experience she has received. She offers public speaking, personal coaching, and workshops that help people open their hearts, fulfill their purpose, and find their joy through effective spiritual prayer.

Winnie MwikaliWinnie Mwikali

Winnie Mwikali is a leadership development coach, transformational speaker, and the bestselling author of Shatter Your Glass Ceiling. Winnie holds a BEd and MBA in Strategic Management. She is the CEO and founder of International Renaissance Centre, where she specializes in coaching her clients on how to unleash their leadership potential.

Susan OwensbySusan Owensby

Susan Owensby is an author, inspirational speaker, and leader who enjoys sharing her story of hope and healing with women. After an abusive relationship, a difficult divorce, and making plenty of poor choices along the way, her story inspires women to never give up, to fail forward, and to keep going.

Jane ParmelJane Parmel

With over thirty years’ experience in education and event management, Jane Parmel works to advance coaches, creatives, and small business owners into profitability. She speaks on acceptance, resiliency, and authenticity. As a Global Business Connector for WSA, she connects women with message-advancing resources in a supportive New York community.

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is a business navigator, award-winning business growth coach and marketing expert, speaker, and international bestselling author. She is the co creator of the Global Business Connector Program at WSA and serves on the Forbes Coaches Council. She works with leaders and business owners to help them get noticed, get clients, and get profitable.

Vivien RayamVivien Rayam

Vivien Rayam is a business coach for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and an international bestselling author. As general manager and co-owner of Code Ninjas Snellville in Georgia, she works with youth to help them develop a love of computer programming and foster an interest in STEM careers.

Samantha A. RomanSamantha A. Roman

Samantha A. Roman is an entrepreneur and CEO of the advisory Credible Cannabis. Since selling her first company to Canopy Growth Corporation, she has become a trusted media figure recognized for her insights, business integrity, and grit. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) and a Master of Business Administration.

DeLisa RoseDeLisa Rose

DeLisa Rose is a Real Estate Broker, author, speaker, podcaster (Dee Rose For Real), coach, mother, and wife. A Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement recipient, she educates and inspires others to build financial, mental, emotional, and physical wealth so they can spend time living a lifetime that matters FOR REAL.

Anita RussellAnita D. Russell

Anita D. Russell loves doing BIG things— building community, inspiring women, and giving back. She founded The Place to SOAR
to cultivate change that unleashes humanpotential. I Wanna See Laney’s House is herautobiographical narrative. She is the GlobalBusiness Connector for Women Speakers Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Janet JJ SawyerJanet J. Sawyer, EdD

Janet J. Sawyer, EdD, is the CEO and founder of JJ Sawyer Consulting, LLC. She is a leadership development coach, certified in the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method and an international bestselling author. She specializes incoaching her clients on how to apply leadership strategies when working with others. Dr. Sawyer currently lives in Carlsbad, California.

Linda ThompsonLinda Payton Thompson

Linda Payton Thompson empowers, inspires, and encourages individuals to live their best life possible by removing challenges and roadblocks that hinder. She encourages women to believe in themselves, knowing without a doubt that they are beautiful and valuable. Linda is an author, speaker, and certified health and life coach.

Cate TuittCate Tuitt

Cate Tuitt, MBE, is a motivational speaker, trainer, and consultant. She studied law at university in London and worked for over twenty-five years in justice and law organizations. Her experience with clients who had negative experiences motivated Cate to explore the power of art to assist others to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

Cheryl VerrettCheryl Verrett

The co-owner of a real estate company, Cheryl Verrett is also a speaker, author, and coach. Cheryl assists women to shatter self-doubt, release untapped potential, and experience personal and professional growth. She coaches her clients to stay in action, gain momentum, accelerate their vision, and become unstoppable.

Karen J. WatsonKaren J. Watson

Karen J. Watson, BA, BFA, has been a visual artist, a government communications manager, and a writer. She is currently synthesizing life-and-death experiences. Her side hustles include hospice volunteer, heart surgery survivor, parent, and caregiver. She is a fierce defender of all that is lively. Karen lives with her husband in Ottawa, Canada.

Natasha WilliamsNatasha Williams

Natasha E. Williams is an international speaker who has traveled to over sixty countries, an author who has sold projects to Hollywood, a coach serving on the development team for two Chicken Soup for the Soul® books, and the founder of the Think Rich Society, an online community for living a life of abundance.

Paulette WilliamsDr. Paulette Williams

Dr. Paulette Williams is a retired Army Nurse Lieutenant Colonel, retired nursing professor, and founder of Coach with Dr. Paulette. Dr. Williams blends her wisdom as a nurse with heartfelt coaching techniques. She empowers her clients to shift from contemplation to focused, inspired actions.

Kamini WoodKamini Wood

Kamini Wood, a mother of five, is aninternational bestselling author, and a certified life coach for teens and adults. Board certified through the AADP, as founder and CEO ofLive Joy Your Way and the AuthenticMe® RiseUp program, she works with high achievers on letting go of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.