Voices V Author Bios

Gail WatsonGail Watson

Gail Watson is president and founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), the go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents, and women with a message to connect, collaborate, and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked, and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries.

Winifred Adams

Winifred Adams is an expert in the field of medical intuition/quantum healing and founder of The Global Association of Medical Intuitives. She is a C-Suite/VoiceAmerica podcaster for Making Life Brighter Radio and is the bestselling author of The Silver Lining of Cancer, The Power of Your Inner Brilliance, and Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Holistic Experts Compilation Book.

Sandra Ateca

As a professional organizer and author, Sandra Ateca encourages clients to consider new attitudes about organizing, embrace healthy limit setting, and take responsibility for individual choices that impact their sense of balance and order. Sandra also speaks publicly on the value and benefits of living an organized life.

Sandy Aubry

Sandy Aubry is a mompreneur, writer, and communications business owner. She collaborates to co-create communications experiences by deciphering the essence of what is present in the unexpressed and translating it into tangible, concrete expressions. She
invites others to connect with the heart and follow its innate guidance and powerfully shares through blogging and storytelling.

Dr. Nicole Bailey

Nicole Bailey, DC, received her BS in biology from Ursinus College. She completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree at Life University. She assists healing through the direct rediscovery of one’s pure essence and offers healing services in-person and remotely to allow the wisdom of the body to emanate harmony.

Pam Caylor

Pam Caylor is a licensed minister gifted in delivering a message of hope, healing, and inspiration. Her experience includes Bible teaching; motivational speaking, training, and coaching; women’s ministry leadership; international ministry; post-abortion ministry; and leading the nation’s single busiest pro-life pregnancy ministry for twelve years with over 36,000 babies’ lives saved.

Kate ChambatiKate Chambati

Kate Chambati has a BS in Psychology and an MA in Social Entrepreneurship. She is a transformational life coach (The True Happiness Coach), an international speaker, social entrepreneur, and an international bestselling author. Kate has a passion for empowering women, especially those in Africa, to be productive members of their families through education and business.

Kim Combs

Kim Combs is a warrior, wife, mother, transformation/restoration coach, author, and speaker. Her education degree touched on psychology. She spent twenty-plus years meeting clients’ needs in health and wellness, sales and marketing, and leadership. A gifted problem-solver, she stands on truth and helps others become the best version of themselves.

Anne Dunnett

Anne Dunnett is a haiku poet and designer based on Vancouver Island. Anne’s first experience with haiku came from her grandmother, opening a door that would lead her on a remarkable journey. Writing haiku has fueled her belief that haiku is a powerful tool on the path to mindfulness, healing, and stress management.

Donna Duffy

Donna Duffy is a TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and award-winning marketing strategist. She is the creator of Sage Success Studio and Global Business Connector for Delaware with the Women Speakers Association. She helps midlife women entrepreneurs gain greater visibility, influence, and income and recognize their opportunity to impact those around them.

Tracey Ehman

Tracey Ehman is a bestselling author of The Silver Lining of Cancer, the podcast host of Silver Lining Conversations, and a social media strategist who tripled her business while battling cancer. She is honored to bring together others who have embraced the silver lining in their lives and want to make an impact.

Dr. Gloria González

Dr. Gloria González is the president of Tch2Thrive Inc, a literacy company with online courses for bilingual reading development. She has been a bilingual literacy specialist in the field of education since 1996. She holds a master’s degree from Harvard in language and literacy and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Southern California.

Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond, resilience and collaboration expert, is a highly sought-after speaker who teaches the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and collaboration in the workplace. She has helped clients build resilient teams and solve the issues that impact success and is the executive producer of the animated movie Back Home Again.

Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan is the founder of Glimmer Learning LLC, a company specializing in virtual engagement training and coaching for speakers. She is a certified master trainer and virtual facilitator. She inspires speakers to deliver high-impact, engaging presentations and make powerful connections every time they speak.

Cindy J. Holbrook

Cindy J. Holbrook, The Visibility Wiz, is uniquely gifted at guiding entrepreneurs to thrive as they go from being the best-kept secret to a trusted and in-demand expert. Overcoming a traumatic past, she pulls from her personal journey to help her clients gain outrageous confidence to succeed.

Amy Janece

Amy Janece is a copywriter, ghostwriter, and author (fiction and nonfiction). She has written for several magazines, businesses, and websites, including sales copy and informative articles. Amy is an advocate for those who feel like they don’t have a voice. Her vision is to open a school for at-risk youth.

Zaneta Varnado Johns

Zaneta Varnado Johns is a bestselling author who shares love through creative written expressions. Her prolific contributions to anthologies and poetry publications complement her highly anticipated second
book of poems, After the Rainbow: Golden Poems. Johns is a retired human resources leader and a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

Ines Kaps

Ines Kaps founded WomenLoveConsulting, which provides consulting firms with a stellar coaching program to bring their female talent to the top. Ines has distilled her career of twenty years in boutique and big four consulting firms to empower women to thrive. She is married to the best husband in the world and loves her life.

Steff KawasakiSteff Kawasaki

Steff Kawasaki brings creative vision and fresh ideas to facilitate a culture of engagement in her clients’ homes, communities, and workplaces. She is a Fascinate Certified Advisor™, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Hope Inspired Coaching founder. An onscreen actor, she finds joy through character development and sharing stories that inspire hope in humanity.

Hazel Kings

Hazel Kings is a retired nurse of forty-plus years. She now supports the elderly in their own homes as a home caregiver. Hazel is also an empowering coach and speaker, supporting and encouraging others to grow into the persons they want to become.

Paula KramerPaula M. Kramer

Paula M. Kramer survived a horrific childhood, decades of misdiagnosis for a childhood spinal injury, and her husband’s death when their daughter was a baby. Her workshops provide rock star strategies for ending negative workplace gossip, breaking glass ceilings, and reducing workplace violence with positive words and actions.

Catherine M. Laub

Catherine M. Laub, host of her self-produced podcast, The Celestial Spoon, is an awardwinning inspirational author, speaker, psychic/ medium, spiritual guide, and advocate for mental health. Through her psychic abilities, she once saved her friend’s life. She guides people to understand they can live with illness and still have a happy life.

Annette Licitra

Annette Licitra is an educator, speaker, author, and founder of Passionette Palate. As a wellness chef and holistic health coach focusing on digestive health, she empowers professionals by transforming their lives through life-giving foods and holistic healing approaches so they feel amazing and operate at their peak performance level.

Dr. Nathalie C. Lilavois

Dr. Nathalie C. Lilavois holds a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and a doctorate in Education in Literacy Studies. As CEO/founder of Zahara Crown, Inc., she provides educational support to parents, teachers, tutors, and homeschoolers to ensure engaging learning experiences for students of color.

Marie-Ève Lord

Marie-Ève Lord is a digital communication expert, founder of Radiantly Shine Online, and creator of The Cycle of Radiantly Shining Online. Through the Radiance Paradigm, she assists entrepreneurs and businesses in shining online and in connecting heart-to-heart with Humanity. As a Golden Heart Wisdom ambassador, she has chosen to experience life through the heart.

Heather Markel

Heather Markel, CPC, is an intuitive business coach, speaker, professional traveler, and author. She has been featured in the New York Times, entrepreneur.com, the New Zealand Herald, and Travel Awaits. She travels the world and inspires frustrated professionals and nomad-wannabees with the tools, resources, and empowerment to comfortably afford fulltime travel. She also loves cows and searches for new breeds along her travels.

Chiara MarrapodiChiara Marrapodi

Chiara Marrapodi, MA, is a minister, clinical hypnotherapist, researcher, and connection expert. A 2015/2016 Bernard Grad Emerging Scientist, Chiara is well known for her transformational education programs. She supports individuals through life transitions, stressful events, and trauma. She is also the founder of the Society for Animal Consciousness.

Sylvie Olivier

Bioenergetics expert and HeartMath Certified Mentor and Trainer Sylvie Olivier assists business leaders, management teams, professionals, and individuals alike in experiencing the journey from the head to the heart through private mentoring. Along with her husband, Sylvie also proposes certain programs, retreats, and live events around the world.

Naama O. Pozniak

Naama O. Pozniak, founder and CEO of Paz Holding, Inc/RightPlan.com, is a globally minded health insurance strategic advisor, mother, yogi, NFT Artist, collector, speaker, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, and market disruptor. Obsessed with lowering healthcare costs, she has proposed a way to deconstruct and decentralize the healthcare system yet still finds time to dance, give back, and build communities in her free time.

Marlene Marie Prinzing, MA

Marlene Marie Prinzing, MA, is an expert intuitive life coach with a master’s degree in Somatic/Body Psychology and is certified in yoga, spinal rehab, and exercise therapy. She is the creator of The Prinzing Method™, intuitive life coaching that scientifically guides people and animals to their most effective, efficient, and effortless existence using Body Psychology/ Kinesiological Theories.

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is a business navigator, award-winning business growth coach and marketing expert, speaker, international bestselling author, and co-creator of the Global Business Connector Program at Women Speakers Association. She also serves on the Forbes Coaches Council. She works with leaders and business owners to help them get noticed, get clients, and get profitable.

Melissa Rowe

Melissa Rowe is an international facilitator, author, trainer, and a diversity, equity, and anti-racist specialist. She delivers highly engaging coaching and training services to a diverse clientele. Her greatest passion is working with women professionals to explore their greatness and reclaim their personal power. She has her master’s degree in social work.

Laura Rubinstein

Laura Rubinstein, Social Buzz Club founder, is an award-winning digital media and marketing strategist, certified hypnotherapist, speaker, and author of the Feminine Power Cards and bestselling book Social Media Myths BUSTED. Laura also serves on the Leadership Team for Women Speakers Association and hosts the WSA-TV Premier Women Show.

Emmeline Saavedra

Emmie Saavedra is the co-founder and president of The Champions Institute, where she leads teams of expert coaches, trainers, and consultants on extreme leadership and closing more sales in less time. With more than thirty years in the medical and dental industry, Emmie is highly masterful in building relationships, elevating performance, and gaining influence.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

Dr. Michelle St Jane is a diversity, equality, and inclusion advocate, an intergenerational collaborator, a podcaster, and a community creator. She is on a conscious journey of life and leadership and purposefully leaves footprints in the digital sands of time by mentoring professional women and consulting on issues, attitudes, and trends.

Norva Samuel

Norva Samuel is the founder of Life Catalyst Business Solutions Inc. She is a personal and leadership development catalyst, certified John Maxwell Team coach, and Maxwell Method DISC consultant. She specializes in helping her clients strengthen their relationship, communication, and leadership skills through coaching and training.

Sandra Sandiford-Carr

Sandra Sandiford-Carr, BS, MS, is the founder and president of the NGO, Women in Security Enterprises (WISE). She is committed to empowering women in the security industry. Sandra is a dedicated teacher and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is passionate about being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Hélène Savignac

Hélène Savignac is a mentor and keynote speaker who assists entrepreneurs to return to the essence of business. She has a master of science in management and is a HeartMath Certified Trainer. Empowering others to reach their highest potential inspires her daily life.


Janet JJ SawyerJanet J. Sawyer, EdD

Janet J. Sawyer, EdD, is a virtual adjunct professor at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio (HBCU), teaching in the College of Education and certified in the PeopleSmart DISC Inter-pretation Method. She is an international bestselling author and the creator of Mirroring Your Vision®. Dr. Sawyer currently lives in Carlsbad, California.

Brooke P. Schiller

Brooke P. Schiller is the founder and principal partner of Incite Partners Consulting and also accredited with the About My Brain Institute, Insights Learning & Development, and the Ken Blanchard Companies. A sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach, Brooke has been making the world a better place for leaders at ALL levels for more than twenty-five years.

Pamela Stambaugh, MBA

Pamela Stambaugh, MBA, president and founder of Accountability Pays Inc., is a Behavioral Change Master for C-suite executives. Impacts include raising operating results, upgrading team performance, and creating a culture of trust and authentic communication. Her six-month Emerging Leader Accelerator plus assessment provides measurable outcomes for high potentials.

JJ Stenhouse

JJ Stenhouse is an empowerment and transformation coach, medical intuitive, speaker, and writer who helps people realign with nature to find their unique pot of gold. She edits a natural health magazine, has her own internet radio show, and is the Global Business Connector, Scotland, for Women Speakers Association.

Patricia A. Talbot

Patricia A. Talbot, EdD, is founder and CEO of Blue Roads Education Group. She helps professional women cultivate new skills, refocus their talents and develop the mindset to create powerful change for a better world on their own terms. Download Dr. Talbot’s free e-book, Changemaker YOU, to get started on your own Changemaker’s Journey.

Nicolle D. Surratte

Nicolle D. Surratte is an inspirational speaker, author, and health coach. Using a holistic approach, she helps women reduce stress, increase self-care, and embrace lifestyle changes so they can live the lives they desire and deserve. As a breast cancer “thriver,” Nicolle inspires change . . . one step at a time!

Ngoc T. Tran

Ngoc T. Tran is a Certified Public Accountant, Global Business Connector, and Licensed Life Insurance Agent. As CEO and founder of JJ Capital Partners, Ltd, Ngoc helps people understand the value of time and money, shares strategies on creating multiple streams of residual incomes, and provides solutions to shifting people’s financial paradigms.

Cate TuittCatherine Tuitt

Catherine Tuitt, MBE, is a legal adviser, consultant, and motivational speaker. She worked for over twenty-five years in justice and legal organizations and has served as an elected council woman in London. Catherine uses the power of art and nutrition as a resource to assist her clients to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

Debra Valentina

Debra Valentina, MPH, founder of Creativing, is an intuitive mindset coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives, international speaker, and bestselling author. Her memoir Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy was published in 2020. One of Debra’s greatest gifts is empowering women to create fully expressed and joyful lives.

Karen J. WatsonKaren Joan Watson

Karen Joan Watson, BA, BFA, is a writer, visual artist, and former Government of Canada marketing manager. She is currently synthesizing life-and-death experiences. Side hustles include hospice and housing volunteer, heart surgery survivor, parent, family genealogist, and caregiver to her elderly mother. Karen lives with her husband in Ottawa, Canada.

Jennifer S. Wilkov

Jennifer S. Wilkov is the producer of the Speak Up, Women! Conference, an international bestselling, award-winning author, international keynote/TED speaker, successful business consultant, and entrepreneurial mentor. Using simple techniques and engaging exercises, Jennifer loves to inspire people everywhere with the insights, knowledge, and wisdom to live the lives they imagine.

Natasha E. Williams

Natasha E. Williams is an international bestselling author and speaker who has traveled to over sixty countries. She is also a screenwriter who has sold projects to Hollywood, a certified coach, and the TV host of Boss Ladies VIP, a talk show that empowers women to live their best lives.