Meet our Authors

Gail WatsonGail Watson

Gail Watson is President and Founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries.

Desiree Aragon

Desiree Aragon is a talent champion. She inspires women to discover what they do best and to maximize potential when it matters most. She is certified to train and facilitate top-rated leadership programs, and she assists her clients to deliver difficult messages and influence with power of persuasion.


Nasrin Barbic

Nasrin Barbic is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and founder of Pathway to Lasting Joy. Nasrin blends traditional coaching methods, scientifically proven techniques, and deep healing through hypnotherapy and Reiki to help clients release mental, physical and spiritual blocks to success in all areas of their life.


Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is a technology problem solver, speaker, and connector of people. She empowers adults to understand, enjoy, and use their computers, tablets, and smartphones, especially to communicate with loved ones. Happily married for thirty-six years, Barb and her husband have two grown children, one in Washington, D.C., and one in heaven.


Melody Breyer-Grell

Melody Breyer-Grell made her professional writing debut by penning the lyrics to her satirical cabaret show, What’s So Funny About Jazz? She has written for Cabaret Scenes MagazineBass Musician Magazine, and Hot House Jazz. A frequent contributor to The Huffington Post Arts and Entertainment Section, she broadly opines on a large range of subjects.


Natasha ClawsonNatasha Clawson

Natasha Clawson is a graphic designer and brand enthusiast. She helps businesses create visual brand identities with a sense of clarity and composure that poises them for growth. She’s a proud millennial and tireless champion of healthy workplace culture and mental health.

Deb ComanDeb Coman

Deb Coman is a content conversion strategist, copywriter, and speaker. Her copy is behind some of the big-name FacebookTM ads you see and her strategies power many blogs, social media sites, and email campaigns. By aligning with core values, Deb supports business owners to attract and convert through connection.

Janine Conway

Janine “JJ” Conway returned from a six-month military trip to discover her house sold, her stuff thrown out, and $845,000 in divorce debt to her name. JJ turned creativity into a thriving business and now helps others succeed the same personal growth and financial management skills that worked for her.

Tami Damian

Tami Damian is a storyteller, trainer, author, advocate, friend, sister, aunt, wife, and daughter all describe Tami Damian, president of Leadership Education And Development, Inc. Tami’s passion is helping others find their passion and purpose. She is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and Coach, a speaker, and the author of the Life Lessons Learned series.

Kiley Doll

Kiley Doll was born to be an entrepreneur—it’s in her bones. She is an experienced business development professional and real estate investor. As a sought-after coach, she combines her zest for life and drive for business with her passion for empowering struggling entrepreneurs. She’s never met a person she can’t help.

Tracey Ehman

Tracey Ehman is a best-selling author of “The Silver Lining of Cancer” & a social media strategist who tripled her business while battling cancer. Her ability to concentrate on the positive, even in adversity, compelled her to bring together others to share their stories and inspire people to look for the silver lining.

Charmaine HammondCharmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker. She is a business owner who teaches the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and collaboration in the workplace. Charmaine has helped corporate clients build resilient, engaged teams, develop high trust/accountability relationships, and solve the tough people issues that impact success.

Eva HebebrandEva Hebabrand

Eva Hebebrand has been inspiring individuals and groups with her positive message of overcoming challenges for fifteen years. She has worked for international and Fortune 100 companies and has been a university administrator. Now she shares her life strategies as an exciting keynote speaker motivating forums and leadership conferences.

Sandy HortonSandra J. Horton

Sandra J. Horton, is a passionate crusader on a mission to empower women to own and know their stories. She assists women unearth their hidden treasures and limiting beliefs by guiding them to shifting their perspectives and changing their lives.

Lillian Diaz ImbelliLillian Díaz Imbelli

Lillian Díaz Imbelli, Ed.D. earned her doctorate at fifty-eight, after twenty years as an educator. Her online course, The Sage Project, offers the tools and strategies for Latinas to identify, embrace, and use their hybrid identity to empower their leadership. She blogs as Abuelita, la Doctora at

Deborah IsisDeborah Isis

Deborah Marie Isis is an intuitive coach, connecting people to their divinity within to live an inspired life. Deborah believes the Divine is within us all. With intuitive coaching, training, speaking and writing she opens you to the Divine’s vision and blueprint for your life and works intuitively with Divine Intelligence to create it.

Pamela Jay

Pamela Jay is known as “The Voice Whisper” among pioneers of today’s feminine leadership movement helping them unlock the hidden power of their “heartvoice” and feminine strengths so they can give voice to their stories and be the natural, eloquent, joyful, influential leader they were born to be.

Johnnie LloydJohnnie Lloyd

Johnnie Lloyd is a financial guru, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, and facilitator. Provides inspirational keynote and breakout sessions empowering women’s development and transformation. Delivers strategies for profitable growth of people, money and communication. Her backstory and insight engage groups and businesses with mantra “You are Fire When You are Focused” ®.

Nelie Johnson, MD

Nelie Johnson, MD, physician (retired) and healing consultant, brings her extensive experience to empower people along their own healing path through her speaking, writing, private and group mentoring. Watch for the launch of her upcoming book: “The Healing Message of Illness” in the fall 2019.

Trilby Johnson

Trilby Johnson is a breakthrough mentor, intuitive healer, author, and speaker. Having lived on three continents, Trilby runs her successful business Trilby Johnson – The Connective from New Zealand and online. She has a BSc honours in Psychology and has written two transformational books, ‘Fearlessly Alone’ and ‘A-Ha Moments’, available on her website

Michelle McKinnieMichelle McKinnie

Michelle McKinnie is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and holds a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling. She is a seasoned presenter at Harold Washington College for the Child Development cohort. Michelle has also been a repeated presenter for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Irma ParoneIrma Parone

Irma Parone is a sought-after leadership consultant, speaker, and author. A graduate of Cornell University’s Industrial Relations Studies Program, she is the CEO of Parone Group. For over thirty-five years, she has successfully helped companies improve company culture, increase customer retention, and reduce employee turnover.

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo, Midlife Midwife, is professor emerita of Latin American Studies, a holistic health coach, spiritual counselor, author, and speaker. With over thirty-five years of experience researching women’s empowerment, mentoring thousands of students and clients, and facilitating women’s circles, Sirena guides women to successfully navigate midlife transitions.

Cheryl PeltekisCheryl Peltekis, RN

Cheryl Peltekis, RN, is an established leader in the home health and hospice industry. A bestselling author and popular conference speaker, Cheryl has appeared on television shows around the country to discuss senior issues. And as a mom of five, she knows how to run a winning team!

Shawna Pelton

Shawna Pelton, creator of QuEST (Quantum Evolution & Soul Transformation), is dedicated to making a positive impact on the future of our world through empowering individuals, high achievers, and organizations to unleash their true potential and creating a positive personal shift for reducing fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change.

Dr Kalpna RanadiveDr. Kalpana Ranadive

Kalpna Ranadive, DMD, NMD, MDS, IBDM, is an Integrative Biologic Dentist and an American Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. She brings the depths of her unique expertise in ancient wisdom from across the globe, especially Ayurveda, and blends it masterfully with modern high-tech digital dental technology.

Donna Rae Reese

Donna Rae Reese has had an interesting and full life as a mother, entrepreneur, community leader, and publicly elected servant. Today she is semi-retired and living in Florida. An author, speaker, and coach, she helps others face their challenges with tenacity and a will to win by sharing her Mindset 2 Millionaire message.

Felicia RickardsFelicia Rickards

Felicia Rickards is a coach, author, and speaker. Using transformational business-building tools and Lifestyle Design strategies, she reignites stagnant businesses and assists her clients to move from being stuck to success. Using her innate talent to see past her clients’ struggle, Felicia implements action plans to change their trajectory.

Jeannine RiversJeannine Rivers

Jeannine Rivers is an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, and professional vocalist. Her mission in life is to inspire, enable, and motivate people to move out of the darkness and enter a world of exceptional greatness. She shares her authentic heartfelt stories, life lessons, and knowledge with the goal of stimulating positive change.

Eydie RobinsonEydie Robinson

Eydie Robinson is a published author and speaker who has worked in the higher education field for nearly ten years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Business Administration. Eydie is the mother of three children and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Lynn Robinson

Lynn Robinson is an international trainer, speaker, consultant, and author. She is an NLP master trainer who certifies other NLP practitioners and master practitioners. She also offers personal and professional development programs, her newest being Identity by Design. Lynn’s purpose is giving people the mindset and skills to live a conscious life filled with magical experiences.

Gail Rosenthal

Gail Rosenthal is a hypnotherapist, licensed NLP™ practitioner, trainer and coach, mentor, and speaker. She is dedicated to helping make her clients’ careers, relationships, and lives richer and deeper. She coaches and mentors globally, and her courses and trainings are jam-packed with information and fun, motivating and inspiring participants with clarity and joy.

Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein

Laura Rubinstein, Social Buzz Club founder, is an award-winning digital media and marketing strategist, certified hypnotherapist, speaker, and author of the Feminine Power Cards and bestselling book Social Media Myths BUSTED. Laura also serves on the Leadership Team for Women Speakers Association and hosts the WSA-TV Premier Show. Look for her upcoming book on feminine power.

Anita D. RussellAnita Russell

Anita D. Russell is passionate about life coaching and doing BIG things -building community, inspiring change, and giving back. Anita is the founder of The Place to SOAR, a social enterprise engaged in cultivating daily growth and personal development. She is the author of I Wanna See Laney’s House, a sibling story.

Alexis Schomer

Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she co-founded her first tech start-up while still in college. She is a frequent speaker at educational and motivational events, publishes, and is a consultant in addition to running her current company.


Jena Shama better known as “MissyJena” is the kindest troublemaker you’ll ever meet! She is an educator, innovator, and professional speaker who has developed a unique system to dissolve barriers to learning and communication. Her desire to make a difference led her to establish calmversation™, a multidimensional approach to authentic, creative, and high-impact communication

Terry SidfordTerry Sidford

Terry Sidford is a motivational TEDx speaker, author, professional coach, and television host who transforms audiences through sharing her life experiences of embarrassment, past failures, and triumphs. Terry inspires audiences to write new, courageous chapters of their own life stories. She and her family live in beautiful Park City, Utah.

Carma SpenceCarma Spence

Carma Spence, speaker and author of the award-winning bestseller Public Speaking Super Powers, is fiercely committed to helping women, introverts, and shy people unleash their inner content creation superhero and communicate their message with confidence so they can create a meaningful legacy.

Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas has been a well-respected certified business coach, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker for over three decades. She has received industry recognition for her outstanding achievements and leadership. A strong advocate, volunteer, and community supporter, Susan’s passion is helping others discover their passion, find their purpose, and achieve their goals.

Francine Tone

Francine Tone is a performance optimizer and living proof that stressed-out professionals can shift into a life of freedom by knowing which actions make the difference. An attorney, business strategist, speaker, three-time number-one bestselling author, and high-performance athlete, Francine lives with her husband/law partner Jeff in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, California.

Lorianne Vaughan Speaks

Lorianne Vaughan Speaks, founder of LVS Consulting Services; assists authors, speakers, and podcasters to get their message (in both verbal and written form) out to the world. Lorianne often speaks about how to find, work, and train virtual assistants for small companies, as well as share her inspiring story.

Dee Dee VicinoDee Dee Vicino

Dee Dee Vicino is a recovering assistant principal who is passionate about increasing food allergy awareness in the U.S. and abroad. She ditched conventional wisdom when she left her dream job and launched her own business. Today, she speaks on an international stage providing inspiration for food allergy sufferers everywhere.

Elaine Voci

A life coach and an award-winning author, Elaine Voci has published eight nonfiction books, and is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild. She has also been named one of the Top Ten Best Life Coaches in Indianapolis by

Sheena WatsonSheena Watson

Sheena Watson is a university student currently pursuing a teaching degree. She has spent her third year in a specialized program working with marginalized and vulnerable youth. Through this program, she has gained training, experience, and insight into the challenges today’s youth face, such as unsupported young families, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Laura WaymanLaura Wayman

Laura Wayman, the Dementia Whisperer, is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and consultant in dementia care. Her methodology is refreshingly different and accessible because of its simplicity and practicality. As a daughter who experienced firsthand the loss of a loved one to dementia, her teachings provide hope by raising “dementia-awareness” worldwide.

Lisa Wellington

As a futurist, master strategist, and transformational business and life mentor Lisa brings a unique mix of expansionary insight, performance and energetic knowledge to support evolving women to BEcome conscious leaders in their life and business. Her mission is to enable women to amplify their true essence and soar.

Shalanda Tookes Wilde

Shalanda Tookes Wilder is a seasoned career coach and time management specialist with a unique blend of therapy and organizational development. A military brat/military spouse, she understands transitions all too well; therefore, she focuses her work on transitioning military and individuals who want to elevate their careers.

Paige WilhidePaige Wilhide

Paige Wilhide is an actor, director, and video strategist with an obsession for telling stories. She founded Paige Media to help entrepreneurs confidently express themselves in their marketing. Her digital courses and workshops are changing the game for entrepreneurs who want to use video to grow their businesses.

Mary WongMary Wong

Mary Wong is an author, speaker, mentor, and the founder of Optimal Life Solutions. An experienced coach, counselor, and corporate trainer, she assists her clients to bring their hidden voices to light so they can speak out, step up, and create a legacy of lasting change that will positively impact the world.

Kamini WoodKamini Wood

Kamini Wood is a certified life, wellness, and teen life coach. She also is board-certified through the AADP. She works with teen girls and women of all ages, leading them on their own journey toward inner confidence, authenticity, and self-leadership so they can become leaders in personal and business matters.